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Primary Education

Is High School Homeschooling Affects Your Childrens Opportunities?

Parents are at times concerned that homeschooling high school will limit the opportunities that their child might experience in high school. They might ask “how can two parents know every one of the wonderful opportunities that are available for intelligent teens. School Districts have people who research and advertise internships …

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2Engage 2Educate 2Entertain

“Are you thinking you should get out and find a job?! Join the queue!” This is not just a statement describing modern society, but one of the opening lines of 2Engage Performing Art’s project University Challenge. University Challenge is a 50 minute show followed by a Question and Answer session, …

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Websites For Education

Tips to Search Private Tutor For Your Child in Singapore

In selecting an agency offering tutors, the family should discuss the long and short-term goals of the student. The student must be willing and eager to accept this form of private assistance. While usually a meaningful and productive investment, the system works best when the student also participates along with …

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Education Current Events

Parents – Continue Reinforcing Persistence – Maybe Forever

We already know that parents of pre-schoolers do an amazing job of having their children ready for reading and writing in school and of giving so much encouragement and reinforcement that children have both persistence and an “I know I can learn” attitude. We also know now that parents of …

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Education World

Getting Your Child Help In School

Most parents want to ensure that their children are getting the best education that is possible. They may put them in a private school, trying to keep them from some of the pressures that are seen in public schools, but there are also some additional things that can be done …