A Different Approach to Teaching Kids

Kids of different ages learn by different methods. For example, a toddler that has just turned two might enjoy finger painting, while an 8 year old girl will enjoy playing with her dolls. While various age groups learn by using different material, one thing is true for all age groups: Kids learn best with toys.
The argument on how best to teach kids with toys remains an ongoing debate. Some say that you should just purchase loads of toys for your child and let them play as they please. Others say you should only purchase toys that improve your child’s skills that are necessary for development and make sure they play in a supervised environment.
At a young age, children do not like learning by sitting in a classroom and listening to a lecture. They want to be able to build things, make their own worlds, and imagine things that can never come true. Thus is the power of toys. If you buy them a set of LEGOS or building blocks, they will be able to construct their own world and learn a few things along the way. Building things with blocks and LEGOS not only teach your child colors and balance, they also teach him/her spatial reasoning. Teaching kids with toys can also include video games. No, I’m not talking about Pokemon games or the like, I’m talking about games that include educational opportunities for your child. Such a game may include putting puzzles together, adding groups of things, or recognizing patterns. These games are great because you know they are safe for your children, and you know that your children are getting the most out of them.
Excellent toys that can teach your kids are dolls. Popular dolls such as Barbie and Bratz are a great opportunity for your young girl to make believe their own world. With thousands of accessories that come with the dolls, it lets your child’s creative juices flow. Dolls are also great because they offer your child the opportunity to learn social skills by playing and sharing their dolls with other young girls. Toys that can teach your baby include simple ones that are large (harder to choke on), colorful and have different textures. Such toys include wooden blocks and inflatable balls. The toys will aide your baby in learning the different between colors, the concept of balance, and cause and effect. For example, if your baby takes one block and hits it against another, they will learn that the cause of hitting the blocks creates the effect of making a sound.
Don’t rely on the toys only to teach your kid. You need to be there as a parent and assist your child in their adventures. If you buy them a set of blocks, don’t just lock them in a room and expect them to learn anything. A good thing to do is to set aside a “play time” at a certain time every day. During this play time, you and your child will sit down and play with whatever toys you have purchased for them. In addition to your child learning new things, it is also a great time to bond with your child.

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