Beating Math Phobia 1 2 3

The best way to defeat math phobia for MATH! I guarantee that math gets much easier with practice. I mean, someone who has never swung a bat can’t expect to hit a home-run the first time out, right? Practice is as essential for learning math as it is for athletics. So as painful as it may be, do all your assigned math problems unless you’re some kind of freak math-genius who can do calculus problems in your sleep. If you are puzzled, re-read your notes, re-read your textbook and try some problems. Check your answers in the back of the book to see if you’re on the right track. If not, see if you can figure out where you’re going wrong by comparing your answer with the textbook.
If you’re really struggling, check to see if your school offers free tutoring in a math lab. The labs are usually run by talented students, and are extremely helpful. If you don’t have a math lab in your school, make sure you visit your TA or professor when they have posted office hours. Don’t be afraid to use these services; there is nothing wrong with asking for help when you need it. The longer you wait for help, the further you’ll get behind in the course, so don’t put it off.
After being a math disaster in high school, as an adult I figured out that math wasn’t really all that bad if I was just willing to try– even if I didn’t get it right at first. Learning math is the same as learning a new language; you won’t be instantly fluent. By being persistent, the light bulb eventually went on. I actually started to like math, something I thought was impossible. You might just surprise yourself as well.

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