Choosing Commercial Fitness Equipment for a School Or Community Center

Choosing the right fitness equipment is essential when starting any type of fitness center or gym. Whether you are designing an exercise place for a school, hotel, or community center, you want to make sure you are meeting the fitness needs of your clientele, while considering their comfort and safety. You also want to make decisions that serve your space requirements and financial plan.
Which kind of equipment?
Before deciding how many treadmills or weight machines you need, you need to understand that you are in the market for commercial fitness equipment. Home gyms and residential equipment will not hold up to the demands of several users day after day. The idea of, “you get what you pay for” is absolutely true for exercise equipment. Commercial fitness equipment is higher quality and will stand the test of time for your facility. Also, pay attention to weight specifications on the equipment you are purchasing. If the equipment will be used by heavy or obese people, choose equipment specifically designed for this population.
What type of equipment?
Many of your clients will want to do both cardio and strength training exercises when coming to your facility to workout. You will want a variety of both available. Depending on the size of your facility, you will have to determine how many machines you can comfortably fit in your space.
Commercial fitness cardio machines come in different forms. They may be the more popular machines in your facility, so having several available is a good idea. The most common cardio machines are treadmills, elliptical cross trainers, stair steppers or climbers, recumbent bikes, and upright stationary bikes. If space allows, you may also consider rowing machines and boxing or martial arts equipment, such as punching bags.
Cardio machines should allow your clients to monitor their heart rate and duration of their exercise. This will help keep them safe so they do not raise their heart rate to dangerous levels. Other features on cardio machines may include pre-programmed workouts and number of calories burned.
Commercial fitness strength training machines are important as well. You will want to allow your clients to work most every muscle group with the machines you offer. Weight lifters will want to use a leg press, leg curl machine, lat pull down machine, bicep curl machine, pectoral machine, chest press, and an abdominal machine at the least. If space is an issue, machines that combine multiple exercises into a single piece of equipment can be considered. Just remember to ensure that the equipment is commercial grade and not an inexpensive residential or home gym.
For better safety, you can choose pre-stacked weight machines. These are machines that allow users to choose their preferred weight by adjusting a knob, dial, or pin on the machine instead of loading the machine with individual weights on their own. Free weights, dumbbells, and benches will also provide your users a variety of weight training options. Flat benches and incline benches are both desirable. Free weights should come in several different pound options to serve the needs of beginners through advanced weight lifters, bodybuilders, or athletes.
Your commercial fitness center should provide users a place for a safe and effective workout. Offering a variety of cardio and strength training machines will allow them to meet all of their fitness goals.

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