Effect Of Computer Based Tutorials

Computer based tutorials having multimedia based lessons have become a part to daily learning needs. The ‘information age’ is loaded with scientific and technological developments. The use of computer technology is progressively being used in educational areas. In fact all areas of work are now progressively making use of computer training materials. The computer based tutorials are freely used by lecturers, students, parents, trainers and researchers for educational effectiveness.

With the present changing scenario, individuals are striving to keep pace with the latest additions in information technology. Computers have become indispensible from daily life and specially in imparting education to individuals. Traditional ways of teaching involving teacher and student to sit face to face is now a talk of the past. With new technology in-hand the barriers of time, space and learning curves have been overcome. With the help of computer based tutorials, which are also offered as free software downloads, individuals can decides their programs, courses, place and pace of learning.

It has been observed, from research result, that learning rate has enhanced with use of computer based tutorials during learning phase. The vast use of digitally created content engages both the learner and the provider during the sessions. Computer based tutorials are of various modes. They can be used by educationalist to provided added knowledge to topics being taught. These are widely used in corporate training sessions or even at school and college level where students assemble to gain knowledge. The instructor makes use of this digitally enriched content to explain topics that are not easy to explain on board. The details of micro-organisms, working of an electric motor, physics laws, natural resources and many more topics have been included in computer based training and delivered in such a fashion that it appeals to the learners and enables them to grasp easily. The once though boring and tedious corporate trainings have now become interesting and eye-opener through the incorporation of multimedia rich tutorials. There are programs for soft-skill, project management, team building, self-motivation and the list continues. These trainings are tailor made to suit individual company needs after studying the actual requirements.

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Then there are self-paces, self-directed multimedia learning material that the learner can access at his ease and proceed at his pace. The learner is free to control several variables that have been summed to learning differences. The step-by-step training with expert video instructions and hands-on lab simulations provide detailed explanations of the topics. Learner can go as many times through the same content till he is satisfied with his performance.