Goodbye In Spanish – Informal Ways

Learning how to speak Spanish is fun and exciting as the language is heavily used in every state across the United States. The basics of saying hello and goodbye are extremely important as not using them correctly can offend people and make you look less intelligent.
When learning the language, many people wonder how to informally say goodbye in Spanish so that they can practice on their family and friends. Here are a few phrases that can be used in an informal situation to be used on your friends and family to help you practice your speaking skills. The phrases include: “hast manana” – see you tomorrow, “hasta luego” – see you later, “hasta pronto” – see you soon, “nos vemos” – see you later, “que te cuides” – take care, and “chau” – bye. All of these phrases have a sense of endearment and can be used on the people you see on a daily basis and who don’t command as much respect as say a boss or co-worker.
By learning these phrases you will be able to practice them out on your friends to pay special attention to the way that you are pronouncing the words to make sure you are saying them correctly. Saying goodbye in Spanish can be easy if you learn the different phrases that you can say so that you can switch things up every once in a while.
Try a Spanish learning course to master the different ways of saying hello and goodbye. A tutor obviously can help or an online Spanish course.

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