Imagine Learning How to Overcome Infidelity – Can You Have a Life When the Cheating is Over?

Does a spouse having an affair mean that your marriage is over, leaving you with a life of uncertainty, loneliness and despair? In most cases it does; however, there are some amazing couples who have been able to overcome infidelity in their marriage and go on and enjoy a loving and worthwhile relationship again.
If you are in a position where you have been cheated on, I’m sure that your emotions are all over the place. Your life has been thrown into turmoil, you are deeply hurt and the loss that you feel inside is horribly painful. That is totally understandable. What has happened to you is like having a death in your family and while your instincts are telling you that an affair means the marriage must end, don’t rush this as there is still some hope that your marriage can be saved, albeit not without a lot of pain and hard work.
Really think about this for a moment. Do you want to move on or do you want to try and save your marriage? From a financial and emotional point of view, you would be better of making your marriage work rather than go through the stress and strain of a divorce.
These 5 simple steps can help you in learning how to overcome infidelity –
Discussion And soul searchingYou really need to get everything out in the open and get to the bottom of why the affair occurred in the first place. It is much better, if you were totally honest with each other here as any more surprises coming out later, will almost certainly bring undone any progress that you start to make from here on in. Try and avoid playing the “blame game” as this usually ends in tears. You both need to working towards getting to the bottom of your problems so they are identified and then you can both go about fixing them. It is a difficult time, but you must do your soul searching in a mature, understanding and loving way.
The offending party must be remorseful and genuine in asking for forgivenessIs the offender remorseful and asking for forgiveness just because they have been caught or are they really genuine? Only you will be able to work that one out but you certainly do not want to go through this process if the same thing is going to happen next week.
Are you ready to forgive?Once everything is out in the open, you will be able to work out if you want to keep going in your marriage and whether you are prepared to forgive your spouse. Forgiving is one thing – forgetting is another. You simply cannot expect to get over this ordeal in the short term. It is going to take ages and it will require help and a lot of hard work. It takes a special person to forgive something like this and as the days unfold, your heart will be giving you clues as to how this will play out for you.
Rebuild the trust in your marriageWhat you have learnt here is that you simply must communicate your feelings and thoughts with each other. Don’t bury issues under the carpet, instead bring them out in the open for discussion. You will notice that your relationship and marriage will be stronger as a result of this. The best way to rebuild trust is to make sure that communication is a foundation of your relationship.
Move forwardWhat’s done is done. You can’t change the past, but what you can do is learn from past mistakes. Use this experience to make your marriage stronger and to get back to your old loving together to rekindle the love in your marriage and get back to loving each other again.
You will soon discover that learning how to overcome infidelity will make you a stronger and better person and hopefully, by your good grace, you will be able to save your marriage from ending in divorce.

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