Learn Dancing As an Exercise

If you have been unable to keep to your daily exercise regime then take on something new and interesting instead and learn how to dance as an exercise. You can wear body tights and sneakers and perform the most intricate and vigorous steps in a dance.
This not only helps you to tone up slack muscles but is also a cardio which improves your state of health. This is much better than performing the same old routine exercises as it helps you to give vent to your talent also. If you want you can put on your favorite dance music at home and dance away your blues instead of forcing yourself to do some strenuous moves just to get into better shape. Get new dancing tips either from friends, the television or from DVDs.
If you have been contemplating something new and exciting start with learning how to dance and make this your routine exercise. Pick up some music which has a fast tempo and this will be like jogging or running on a treadmill but with more flexibility and movement than on one spot. A lot of young people improve their posture and their social net work by attending dance schools instead of going to the gym. So if you are new to the town, want to make friends, and have an active social life then learn how to dance now.
Going to a gym is not the same as going to dance class because often you just do your exercise and then pack your kit and head back home. In a dance class you have to have a partner and get to know more people and interact with them. This leads to socializing and meeting outside the dance class too. Apart from this you can pick and choose the kind of dance you prefer to learn and can change from one to the other whenever you feel bored with the same style. Dance as exercise keeps you involved in it for longer periods instead of the stipulate hour or two which is spent at a gym. So learn how to dance and keep fit.

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