Learning Guitar to Play For Fun

Learning how to play guitar can be a real adventure. It is very easy to learn basic strums and melodies, but exceedingly difficult to ever really master. If you want to play for fun, you will have a great past-time and hobby.
You don’t really need any special skills or musical talent to begin with, though that would obviously help! If you lack musical sense, you can acquire this ability if you truly want to. You may never be able to play like the rock and roll players, such as Eric Clapton or Mark Knopfler, but you will be able to learn a lot more than you imagine.
One good way to acquire musical sense is to listen to different types of guitar music. Blues, Flamenco, rock and roll, classical, jazz, and bluegrass are all great styles to get into your mentality. Though these are totally different types of music, they all use the same instrument: a guitar!
An acoustic guitar is often the first guitar people buy. One common problem is getting a cheap instrument because it will be difficult to play and never sound right. This often causes beginners to give up quickly.
If you do buy an acoustic, make sure you get a humidifier and a good hard shell case. Without the humidifier the wood will dry and and the body will crack. Also, the neck will warp and may not be able to be fixed. The case will, of course, protect your investment from dropped objects, weather changes and little boys.
An electric guitar is not quite as fussy as an acoustic, but it still pays to get a decent one. If you don’t, the sound will just never be there and it will be out of tune as you play up the neck. Playing lead guitar and solos demands a good neck for a good sound.
One of the most enjoyable aspects is when you are able to play with friends. There are few things more fun than playing in jams with friends, both old and new. You also learn so much when you are exposed to new methods and ideas. Most people at jams are more than happy to show you riffs, runs, licks, chords, solos, and so on. This can give you some real direction as well in your practice.
Learning online is a great option for the motivated player. These programs are inexpensive, and very comprehensive. They usually assume you know nothing at all and take you step by step down the road of learning.
Private lessons are a great option, as long as you can afford them! For children this is often the only option and can provide years of focused activity. They can learn to take care of their instrument, clean it, change the strings, and meet new challenges. This can be a great way for them to stay out of trouble, though it might also lead them to meet some shady types later on!

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