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Now a leading online education company, AG Edutech Services Pvt. Ltd has brought in an innovative way to solve the dilemma of the parents. The group has pooled in a dedicated team of professional experts who can now assist students online in completing their homework. These professionals can be reached easily through e-mail which removes a big headache of parents of taking care to send and bring back their child from tuition classes. The best thing of online assistance is that being online it can be accessed from anywhere around the world. This means that even if the family is away from home for an extended period, it will not affect child’s study as far as homework is concerned. The classes are available from Nursery to college level. The service can be accessed 24 by 7. Assistance is provided not only for completion of homework but also for project related activities. Some of the subjects on which assignment help is available are Physics Homework Help, Mathematics Homework Help, Biology Homework Help, Computer Science Homework Help, Finance Homework, English Homework Help, and Essay Writing.

Guidance for subjects is provided by an expert team of certified professionals. Strict rules are enforced on the selection of these professionals. For example, a team of Chartered Financial Analysts provides assistance to students who have opted for finance tutor. This ensures that students are getting help from the best people in the respective fields. The syllabus of Finance and accounting subjects require people who have knowledge, skill and aptitude in doing finance and account related work. Since the Chartered Financial Analysts are the ones who know the current financial practices and use them on daily basis, they are best suited to give guidance to students who have registered for finance and account assignment help. It is also ensured that in case a student has any doubts, he can put his queries to his respective tutor. Video conferencing facility is also available and students can make use of them to interface with their tutor face to face.

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The study model works on a simple model. A student can register themselves online with the site. (The website link is provided at the bottom of the article.) Depending upon the subject type one has selected, a professional tutor would be made available to him. The student can send his completed homework through email on an email-id that has been provided to him. This should also include details like his contact details, time duration within which he wants the corrected assignment back. Once this email is sent and received at the other end, it will be forwarded to one of the experts who will correct the assignment and send back the assignment with corrections. This will also include remarks and feedback. The remarks and feedback prove to be of great help of students who are able to bring improvement in their work by assimilating the advice. Once the email has been sent by the tutor, the student or his guardians are contacted over phone to check whether the assignment has been received. The student can then pay through Credit Card or Papal. For more information, one can visit .

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