Piano Lessons For Beginners – Move Like a Cat, Sing Like a Bird

Have you ever noticed the way a cat moves? They can jump off a high fence and land effortlessly. When a bird sings it produces a sweet, melodic sound. Emulating the movement and sound of these 2 creatures can help you play the piano.
Learning the piano is a combination of finger dexterity, co-ordination, rhythm, melody and harmony. From the first moment that you work out a simple tune, its wonders will be revealed. The piano is logically laid out and the keys produce a sweet singing tone. But how do you play these 88 white and black keys?
Sit in the middle of the piano and place both hands onto the keys. Allow your arms to travel lightly over the surface, brushing the black keys with your fingertips. Imagine that your arms are full of a light gas which allows them to float, effortlessly.
Find Middle C. C is the white note immediately to the left of any 2 black keys. Now find the C above. With the thumb of your right hand, play Middle C and then lightly spring to the C above. Land like a cat. Play that C and spring back to Middle C. Practice this several times. Notice how light your arm is and how gracefully you move. Use the note C like a spring board. Spring gracefully like a cat.
The piano is both a percussion instrument and a string instrument. To play the piano beautifully, it should always sound like a string instrument! Place your right thumb on Middle C. Play the notes C,D and E. Listen to the sound you are creating. Relax your hand, curve your fingers and produce a clear, singing tone like a bird in full song.

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