SCJP 5 1Z0-853 Study Guides And Mock Exam Practice Questions

You need to complete 1Z0-853 Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 5.0 Programmer Exam to achieve this certification. After completing this exam, You can gain basic knowledge of basic syntax and structure of the Java programming language and can create Java technology applications that run on server and desktop systems using J2SE 5.0.

Currently there is no prior requirement from Oracle for taking SCJP 5 certification.

The exam objective covers the following topics.

Topic 1 Declarations, Initialization and Scoping

Topic 2 Flow Control

Topic 3 API Contents

Topic 4 Concurrency

Topic 5 OO Concepts

Topic 6 Collections / Generics

Topic 7 Fundamentals

You can visit Oracle site or download EPractize Labs SCJP 5 Training Lab and click Plan > Objective to know more details about this certification.

SCJP 5 study guide

The recommended Training Guide available for this certification is SCJP 5 Training Lab, software product bundled with study notes and practice questions.

Is SCJP 5 Certification worth for your career?

Yes, the certifications add many value in terms for money and technical stuffs. Clear evidence that you are a Java Tiger programmer. The certification empowers in driving Java Programming based on J2SE 5.0. SCJP 5 certified programmers can easily design and develop the code based on J2SE 5.0. Being a SCJP 5 certified programmer helps you to improve your career potential, gain more respect, and boost up your job security and opportunities. With SCJP 5 certified programmer, you become more competitive in the job market.

SCJP 5 Training Lab Benefits

For the Individual

EPractize Labs has been built on a distinguished methodology called PPA-1(Plan, Practize, Achieve). You can plan and practice to achieve your goal – the certification.

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EPractize Labs is not only a practice tool but also a versatile performance assessment monitor to achieve your goals. As a practice tool, EPractize Labs offers you interactive sessions in the form of review tips and practical examples; it runs you through the certification exam objectives/topics and also simulates the real time certification exams.

EPractize Labs gives you the opportunity to identify your strengths and weaknesses among the objectives/topics so that you can put in concentrated efforts to overcome your weaknesses.

For the Organization

As a performance monitor, it tracks the employees’ goals and achievement.

You have the liberty to set your goals and schedule the convenient time frame for your employees.

EPractize Labs has been built on a distinguished methodology called PPA-2 (Plan, Prove, Assess). You can plan and ask your employees to prove the goals by practizing with EPractize Labs.

EPractize Labs gives you the convenience of identifying the strengths and weakness among the objectives/topics.

Performance graph provides overall ranking based on the goals achieved.

Good luck for your preparation!