SEO Training Courses

Hiring an SEO Training can be the best step that a business can take to getting to number one in Google. If all of your staff members understand how Google works, and other search engines, you stand a good chance of getting the right content and marketing programs active for your business. There are many ways to get a good SEO Training working for your business, and a lot of them offer a wide range of programs that may or may not suit your business.

What SEO training sessions are available?

Training sessions should be selected based on the amount of time you have to dedicate to the topic at hand. Conferences might benefit from an SEO training session that is only an hour long and brings everyone up to date with the latest trends. However a 4 day SEO training session might be of more benefit to those businesses that want to give their staff all of the tools that will get them to number one. You should be able to find small or a large programs and have sessions that can fit into an external syllabus. Broadly, you should be able to obtain the following sessions;

1 hour training session. In this session we can cover a little of the basics of SEO, and some things any business can do to make a difference. Depending on the conference we can also cover issues such as the new Google update, or the impact of Bing. From $220 inc GST.

1 Day intensive course. We can cover most of the basics in this session. During our day sessions we usually split it in two and cover the basics of building a website that sells in the morning, and in the afternoon we work on website promotion. From $1100 inc GST

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4 Day training course. Across a four day session we can cover all of the topics listed below. This is a full training session with the aim of you leaving with a complete set of instructions on how you can get your website to rank well in any market. From $3600 inc GST

What will you learn about SEO?

There are many topics that can be covered in a session. Every SEO program is tailored to suit the audience, and the time given. Broadly we can cover the following topics;

Selecting Keywords that sell Competitive analysis How to build a healthy relationship with a search engine Good link building activities Using Google Analytics How to track your website ranking Advanced linkbuilding techniques The effect of recent Google changes on your ranking Up to date training in the latest search engine trends Optimising for Mobile search Optimising for Local search

On page optimisation

Website promotion PPC vs SEO What is Black Hat SEO, and how to avoid it. Getting to number one in Google Using the right descriptions for click through

How much will our SEO Training cost? All our sessions are created for the market individually. Our pricing starts from $220 for a one hour session, and goes up to $3600 for a four day session. You will have to call or email us for a full break down of what your session will cost.