Talking the Talk

Did you know the first 30 seconds of a conversation will determine the next hour of conversation. What is the first thing you say to folks; after the ‘what’s up’ and all that? Do you encourage folks or do they feel discouraged after they talk to you? Do you compliment people you talk to?
You know that feeling when someone gives you a really good compliment. It makes your day; even the worst of days. When someone can make you feel good about yourself, because they too feel good about you, it is life changing. Is this the reputation that is preceding you? Do folk walk away from you feeling much better; even if it is brief talk? Or do people need therapy after talking to you? I will admit I am still progressing and learning in this area. When folk are hurting; and there are a lot of hurting folk around us, am I a welcome sight? Do folk desire and want to hear what I have to say when they are down? These are questions we all need to answer, myself included. One of my goals is to have folk search me out to talk to when they are hurting. I don’t want to cause more hurt, but to offer encouragement and comfort to those that are hurting. I desire to offer peace, joy, refuge, laughter, vision, destiny, purpose, identity, and more to those that are hurting. We have to capability to lift folk up or tear them down. It is really up to us. Are folks running to us or running from us? Are they walking up to us but limping away after talking to us? The answer lies inside of us.
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