The Info Marketer as Educational Assistant

Let’s face it; school, for all of its benefits to your life and career, can often be a grueling, time-consuming, and sometimes tedious experience. We all need to learn, but the experience can often be difficult.

But what if it could be more fun? What if the material was easier to comprehend, the bureaucracy reduced, and school’s more enjoyable aspects maximized? Wouldn’t that be great? Well, I think it can be. Better yet, maybe you can help others find that golden path to educational bliss.

Students are always around and they are always in desperate need of help. Everything from registration to testing material to resources to better understand their material is needed by so many students wanting to complete their studies with maximum success. As an information marketer, you might have a great deal of information that can really help students who need it. Here are some good ways info marketers can be educational assistants:

– Resources: If a student is studying what they like, nothing should get in your way of completing the courses, right? Well, in a perfect world maybe. They might run into a bad teacher or incomprehensible learning material. Other problems might creep in there as well, but in the end it’s clear that some help is going to have to be sought out. This is where you might come in. You might be a seasoned engineering student, a book specialist, or even a teacher now. In any instance, you have access to the resources to make students’ lives more successful and can produce a regular newsletter, eBook, or web site publication as to where they get the help they need.

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– Cheap Gear Info: An old friend in publishing decided to register for a desktop publishing course, only to be told she needed to purchase a new “Apple MacBook.” Needless to say she wasn’t happy about this dent to her wallet, despite it being necessary for the course. The funny thing is that there are many more just like her all over. They think a course just requires students buying paper, books, and pens. In the end, though, they often require costly gear to complete their courses. Know where a laptop can be found cheaply? What about textbooks? Lab gear? Take my word when I say your info will be popular with college students, scholars, and instructors alike.

– Institution Information: The old adage that all schools are the same is only true for the real pessimists. Schools are not all the same, whether you talking about the quality of the education, the faculty who work there, or the courses they offer. One tech school might offer a student real hands-on cooperative courses, while a university might be for those dreaming of doing research within their favorite subject. They all vary in class sizes, registration methods, and what they offer after you finish. This type of info is gold to the student wanting the best possible info on how to pick the school best suiting their needs. If you have it, people are going to want it and will compensate you to get it.

– “Insider Information:” I don’t want this to sound like a conspiracy page, but you seldom know a place until once you get in there. A school that looks good in a brochure might not be so hot, while another lesser-known school might have more contemporary programs and even more accessible funding options. A recent grad or continuing education student really can stand to gain as an info marketer by giving other prospective students the info that will make not only learning but also the educational experience that much easier. This info could be everything from residence sizes to new programs for designated degrees to which profs are better than others; it’s all good info for students.

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Everyone has to have a skill and mindset before they go off into the world to eke out a living. Thus, schooling is something to be dealt with in almost a professional manner. That dealing comes from having great info about educational institutions and how students can navigate through them to achieve their goals. If you can help with that navigation, you can become an info marketing education assistant who can shape success for both you and others the world over.

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