Tutoring in California-Big Business in A Big State

Tutoring today is a multi-billion dollar business. And California gets its share of the extra-instructional pie. It used to be that tutoring was an occasional thing�often for students from wealthier backgrounds. Once associated primarily with reading (enhancement and remedial) and in the early grades, this is no longer the case as tutoring has grown to encompass kindergarten through PhD dissertations. While books on self teaching are popular, private tutors teaching one-on-one are still prevalent; but all one must do is check the online ads to find tutoring schools everywhere, especially California. Even private, in home tutoring has grown to the instruction of two or more neighborhood kids in a student’s residence. Because California is sprawling, ads for tutors and extra- learning schools are spread throughout the state and are prolific. And because of its monstrous fiscal woes, what was once a very envied education system has seen itself bludgeoned by cut-backs in education funding. This has led to elimination of many after school, free tutorials and has put a premium on extra teaching privately.

But the especially poor California economy has also put pressure on family income, so two-earner families are the norm. And the dual workers are sometimes asked to work longer hours to make up for lay-offs and job cuts. With less parental help available to students, the emphasis and need for tutors has grown dramatically. Also, parents and students are asked to pay more even for in- state college tuition which has made achieving the highest test scores more important. The hope is not only for acceptance at a good college but for financial and scholarship aid, too. By the way, be sure to scour the Internet for ads on college financial advisers for aid and scholarships.

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Since parents, students and teachers believe that success today equals success tomorrow, tutoring in very competitive large states like California are starting the extra instruction early; it is not uncommon to see two-year old being taught reading and other skills. As a child advances subjects such as reading, math’s and sciences are in demand. Later, the dreaded SAT’s loom, followed by grad school, law school and med school exams. Yes, even doctoral students seek tutors for help with their subject or polishing required writings. Moreover, adults are not ignored. Additional skills training and language tutoring, especially English and Spanish, are increasing with the demands of employers for such remediation. While tutoring is required more everywhere, it is never more so in the most populous state�California!