Visualize the Future of Education – It is Online!

Life only favors simplicity and easily digestible concepts. Whether be applied for your professional needs, personal needs or daily activities, you look for such things which is always comfortable to deal with and effortless. It happens with individual as well as with business concerns. Learning can be made simple and less time consuming for students.
In a sense service Industry is focusing voraciously towards simplifying life and its associates. Changes are inevitable and constant. Everyone knows it and apply it on a trial basis to get hold in tough competition. Education sector in India is no more an exception to it. To specialize on students of class 11 and 12 from National and state boards, this change is very prominent. Turning point being internet penetration, students are no more just stuck to home tutor or self study. Resources are plentiful and industries are adding the fuel in to it.
Computerized learning system where whole of the syllabus can be read with text, multimedia and lot more advanced facilities are growing rapidly. Students are getting the tricks of online preparation benefits. Not even learning materials but also self evaluation, performance measurement, doubt clearing help 24×7 all these have become very familiar to students. They have all information related to internet searches more than what we thought to be.
Start up companies and existing educational training centers are incorporating audio-visual and live system with modern communication facilities. This is being set up at individual student place at home facilitating them with every possible tutorial solution. For all India basis entrance preparations, traditional coaching centers are getting renovated with inter connectivity through internet and live support. Here students are updating their all India rankling and preparation status by appearing online exam. Undoubtedly this was not the scenario 10 years ago here. Conventional study system is facing a downfall since comfort level and competition level gets hike like anything.
Thus if schools and college systems are adopting technology in their teaching method, the days area not too far when those institution will turn online institutes. Students need not to attend school classes by traveling distance. Video conferencing with each student will be the mode of teaching. Projects will be there like this once India gets sufficient computer literate man power and extensive internet penetration. Already home based entrepreneurs cultured the concept of web presence and medium in to this sector and are very enthusiastic about their business growth.
Revolution is there with whole education system now in India. New generation have responded to the need of the hour and utilizing the best resource available to them. So future is great for those organizations who have foreseen the power of web presence and future communication medium.

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