Warning! Being a Truck Driver May Not Be For You!

“Come join us on the “Big Road”.” In just two weeks you can be making the Big bucks driving one of these Big Rigs”.
We have all seen the ads, promising big bucks, they are enticing for the out of work average Joe who doesn’t have a college degree. Heck they will even finance your schooling with them, no credit needed. It’s only a few weeks’, right? Well, actually, no.
OK, I’ll admit the school is a few weeks, most up to four weeks and there are even a few out there that will pay you while training, but it’s the rest of the story that they don’t tell you that you really need to know.
I know your sitting there at your desk wondering how you’re going to pay the rent next month. Or even wondering if you will be able to feed your baby next week, but deciding to become a CMV (Commercial Motor Vehicle) operator is not glamorous, it requires some serious sacrifice and if your going to enjoy it, it also requires a certain kind of personality.
Why? Glad you asked.
Driving Big rigs across this great country of ours is not a job, it is a lifestyle. If you have been working a factory job 7am to 3pm, with weekends off then you probably won’t like driving truck. If you like sleeping with your wife (or husband) every night you really will not like driving truck.
The lifestyle of the Big rig driver is filled with loneliness, filled with demands to meet schedules and worse filled with people who have no consideration for you, your time or your family. There are even some who don’t care enough about you that they will ask you to break the law.

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