What to Do When Your Child Is Struggling in School

Education is the knowledge or skill obtained or developed by a learning process. It is the key to success.

Education begins in the womb of a mother. If the pregnant mother reads a lot during pregnancy, the child may inherit reading as a hobby. Or listening to music during that time may have your child becoming a music lover. Education also begins in the home with the family.

What you teach your child at home reflects their learning abilities and skills. As a parent you as a parent need to have good consistent structure. Teach your child good values, which will be of advantage as your child grows up.

Different children have different learning abilities. Many children struggle in their school. Sometimes the brain of one child is much slower and another is quick to grasp information. Another aspect is that, the child may have a learning disability.

If your child is struggling at school;

Communicate with your child. Ask your child about the things that bother him/her at school. For instance, if any other child is bullying them.

You as a parent should stay connected with the school and voice your concerns with the school counselor.

Find out if there are any distractions in their classrooms. If you find some, pay attention to them and correct these distractions. Example, if your child is sitting at the back of the classroom, ask the teacher to move him/her to the front.

Learn about any programs that might be of benefit to your child’s performance.

Give them extra lessons at home, with little breaks in between.

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Revise their work with them after school.

Have them spend less time watching television.

Give them less playing time.Reward them for good work and progress, as this will motivate them for even better improvement.

Lastly if the above don’t seem effective talk to a psychologist for further evaluations

Our Children are our future. Take control!